SAJ 15/3 (2023): Call For Papers

'Technology is the answer. But what is the question?' - Cedric Price

Guest Editor: Jelena Milošević (Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade)

Papers due: 31st Januray 2023

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‘Technology is the answer. But what is the question?’ – Cedric Price

Since architect Cedric Price (1934-2003) posed this provocative question to the audience during a lecture in 1966, researchers and professionals, above all in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, have attempted to rethink our technology on numerous occasions. The SAJ thematic issue aims to reply to this challenge that remains pertinent owing to technological change (TC) by synthesizing artistic, theoretical, and technological positions. Authors are invited to continue the discussion on the more intelligent use of technology in building design, construction, operation, and assessment by questioning how it affects the future of societies and the environment. Topics of interest for this issue include but are not limited to technologically based practice, research, and education in the AEC industry, ranging from the methods and tools that enable the creation, simulation, and materialization to new ways of approaching the built-unbuilt environment relationship. 

Contributions may provide perspectives on architectural production in a creative setting where technology supports collaboration between scientists, artists, and designers, as well as human-machine collaboration or new methods of interacting with nature. Also, subjects of interest are insights into the most impactful application areas in the AEC field for diverse emerging and growing technologies (including computational algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), simulations, digital fabrication, extended reality (XR)) as they increasingly transit from experimentation to practical implementation. The efficiency of these technologies as creative forces, predictive mechanisms, design and craftsmanship tools, educational aids, or vehicles to understand and direct resource flow and fully explore the circular potential of the built environment could also be evaluated in terms of help they could provide for us to move beyond current exploitative and destructive models towards a symbiotic regenerative approach and healthy environments of cohabitation in the Anthropocene.

Though primarily focusing on the topics with the background in architecture, urbanism, and urban planning planning, the SAJ also welcomes interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research and submissions from various academic disciplines. To submit a paper, kindly go to our Author Guidelines page and follow the instructions provided. Alternatively, if you are familiar with SAJ publication process, you can submit your paper directly by clicking the button below. If you do not feel comfortable using the Assistant publishing platform, you can submit your paper by emailing the Editorial office directly at

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