Week With Architecture 2021

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, 28 September – 1 October 2021

It is our pleasure to announce that the Week with Architecture 2021 Programme includes the overview of the first ten years of the journal’s activities, titled A Decade With the SAJ: The 2009-2019 Retrospective.

The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture started the new 2021/2022 school year with the Week with Architecture 2021 manifestation. The event comprises a series of activities aimed at informing the professional and general public about the educational process and research in the field of architecture conducted by the Faculty.

A Decade With the SAJ: The 2009-2019 Retrospective showcases a timeline of the thematic issues published between 2009 and 2019, laid out in a dominant horizontal echoing the recognizable feature of the journal’s logo. The audience is immediately introduced with the themes of the individual issues via relevant keywords: urbanity, philosophy, geometry, innovation, deconstruction, aesthetics, sustainability, tradition, design, semiotics, history. The exhibition layout invites the visitors to take the SAJ in their hands and make themselves comfortable on a bench while getting better acquainted with the journal’s content. The ‘Give Away’ section presents a unique opportunity to keep the SAJ issues which our of greatest interest to our individual readers.

We look forward to seeing you at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of architecture!

Aleksandar Deroko Award Ceremony

'Parobrod' Cultural Centre , 4 September 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Dr Renata Jadrešin Milić received a Special Mention at the Aleksandar Deroko Award Ceremony at the ‘Parobrod‘ Cultural Centre on 4 September 2021. Dr Jadrešin Milić was awarded for the amazing work she did as a Guest Editor at the SAJ, for the 2019 thematic issue dedicated to Aleksandar Deroko in commemoration of the third decade after his passing. To view, read, and download full text content published in this issue please follow this LINK. Alternatively, please visit our Publications page.

Art historian Dr Dubravka Preradović won the Aleksandar Deroko Award for the exhibition ‘Gabriel Mieu: Research into Old Serbian Architecture’. Featuring a catalog and a collection of academic papers on Gabriel Mieu, a French Byzantine scholar, art historian and esthetician, the exhibition was held at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art’s Gallery of Science and Technology in September 2019.

Professor Branislav Mitrović, Professor Rastko Ćirić, and Marina Pavlović, deputy director at the Belgrade Cultural Monument Protection Institute were at the Aleksandar Deroko Award Committee. Dr. Dragana Kuprešanin and the design team for Zone 8 of the Line Park – Tomica Mišljenović, Marko Nikolajević, Petar Tošić, Ivana Korica, Miloš Stojković Minić and Una Korica – also recieved Special Mentions.

‘Parobrod’ Cultural Centre established the biennial Aleksandar Deroko Award to support valuable cultural and artistic contributions at the Belgrade Municipality of Stari grad. Dr Dubravka Preradović is the first recipient of the award.

4 September 2021, Aleksandar Deroko Award Ceremony at the Parobrod Cultural Center. Source - Parobrod Cultural Center.